Waste management industry has a complex supply chain network, including multi-and inter- connected stakeholder relationships: 
Efficient waste management and reporting is a key element in achieving resource efficiency and circular economy worldwide. However, lack of trust, transparency and efficiency in capturing data (i.e., amount of waste, cost of each process, fate of waste, etc.) for compliance, reporting and monitoring is a well-known barrier to achieve efficient circular economy to all stakeholders.



Dr. Azadeh Dindarian


WasteLedger will be deployed within following waste streams and industries:

Our Solution

 OEMs/Producers/Retailers
 PROs / EPR
 Recyclers (Legal and Illegal)
 Waste and certification traders
 Collectors (Legal and Illegal)
 Local, national and international authorities/ policy makers
 NGOs, Research institutions, Think tanks
 Auditors/certification bodies
“WasteLedger facilitates trust, transparent and efficient reporting, monitoring and auditing of reverse supply chain of products of the complex and multi-stakeholder industries.”


Remanufactures/refurbishers (Legal and Illegal)
Second hand market
Secondary raw material market
Waste to energy/incineration
Landfill operators
Port Authorities
Law enforcement authorities
Sid Charkravarthy 
Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)



End of Life Vehicle (ELV) 

Construction waste 


General household waste 

Industrial waste

WasteLedger uses blockchain and artificial intelligent technology with help of the Internet of Things devices (IoT) to track any wastes (i.e., e-waste, ELV, packaging, construction, etc.) and their documentations across the entire supply chain from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to final destination of waste i.e., secondary raw material market. WasteLedger digitise various processes within the waste management industry to make it efficient and cost effective at the same time to provides visibility, trust and traceability of the entire reverse supply chain.